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We enable you to amplify your mental and physical abilities

How we'll help you TAKE CHARGE of your Health:

Step 1

We'll Listen

First, we will listen to you to thoroughly understand your health concerns and status.

Step 2

We'll Review

We'll review your medical history, latest lab results and recent diagnosis.

Step 3

We'll Explain

We'll help you understand any confusing medical terms and answer any questions you may have about your condition(s)

Step 4

We'll Plan

We'll build a personalized, step-by-step game plan to help reach your health and wellness goals

Our Mission

Health care has become extremely complicated. We help people get the most out of the health services available to them and achieve their health goals.

Our mission is to empower our clients to achieve their life's purpose and goals by taking maximum control of their health and the health resources available to them, and function at the top of their physical and mental capabilities. We do this by providing optimal health coaching and educational resources for health and fitness improvement for your health.

Take Charge Health

Our Approach

With our alternative approach, we focus on the non-physician health professionals primarily to leverage the expertise they can provide to empower the patient to do what they can individually do to maintain and improve their health. We will give you education on things that you control. Our CHARGE (Coaching Advocacy and Resource Group Exemplar) Team includes a wide variety of health specialists, interested in working on your individual concerns.

Our Consultation Procedure

Once you have submitted your contact information (see the “Need a Consultation” form below), Dr. Gordon will contact you to set up a time for a FREE 30 minute initial consultation. We want to understand your major health concerns and to make sure we can be of real help to you. Please include in the “Your Message” field any general times that you are not available to be contacted, your preferred method of contact, and what your primary health concerns are.

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