Marcie Hunter

Marcie Hunter, MS (health education), CHES (Certified Health Education Specialist) is a certified health educator, wellness coach and social services coordinator who has worked for several years in community clinic and community outreach settings. She has particular expertise in chronic disease management (e.g. diabetes) and has several certifications in various areas including perinatal behavioral health and fitness instruction.  Additionally, she has worked in the inpatient mental health arena.  In addition to providing health information and resources that meet the individual needs of her patients and clients, she has organized fitness and nutritional instruction/food preparation classes. She has done much of her work with underserved and disadvantaged populations in the Flint, Michigan area.

Ms. Hunter received her Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion with a minor in Sports Medicine from Coastal Carolina University in 2008. She also received her Master of Science in Health Education from the University of Michigan–Flint in 2016. Along the way she also engaged in public health clinical research and has received grants to support her health and wellness outreach efforts.