Pricing Options and How Our Pricing Works

  1. The initial assessment (up to 30 minutes) with David Gordon, M.D. is free.
  2. If further consultation is needed, then for a reasonable consultation fee you can purchase:

a) 30-minute increments at $50/30 minutes, or
b) monthly memberships which entitles you for up to 2.5 hours of consultation over a month, for $100
c) You can also purchase any combination or multiples of the above options as needed.

3. During this consultation time the CHARGE Team members will study any health problem you have and get you the most understandable answer (in writing). If needed, we will also seek information directly from your  clinic or health insurance company, on your behalf (and of course only with your permission).

4.   With your contributions, Take CHARGE devotes at least 10% of our efforts towards helping poor and disadvantaged clients.

Take Charge Health